About Us

Company Sva Stone:  Ukrainian production company founded in 2010 in Kyiv with a registered trademark.

The mission of Sva Stone: to be a leader in quality of cloths for ideological people whose time has come!

The principle of Sva Stone: Ukranian money to Ukranian hands for Ukrainian deeds!

The main activity: manufacturing and selling of sport cloths for youth.

The main customer: young sporty Ukrainians and Europeans, who prefer high-quality cloths of European production in casual style with an appropriate ideologic context.

The aim of activity: to increase quality of life of our customers everyday by offering them more qualitative and affordable cloths, by encouraging and supporting healthy way of life and basic European values.

The legend:
Mother-Sva beats her wings and calls us to stand up for our land because we are Warriors!

Stands on the Stone where runes of our victories are carved. Weaves a lace of the destiny of our Nation. Hardens steel for us to make our armor.

Let these cloths protect you and inspire in a battle, warm you up in winter and chill in summer.

Let these cloths be your armor as noble and strong as the knights from the glorious past had.

We put our souls into it. Mother-Sva beats her wings…